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critical due dates with personalized
daily text messages.

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to automatically send assignments, quizzes, and exams.
Skipping courses, picking a nickname, and so much more can be done on the web app.
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Students choose what time they want to receive their text.
Extra Reminders
Due dates found outside of Canvas can easily be added to the daily texts.

Growing Our Community

Founder's Note

Organization was a challenge for me in college. I found it difficult to stay on top of my coursework and fell behind because of it.

My mom had the idea to help me by logging into my Canvas account every morning and texting me my upcoming due dates. She inspired me to write a program that replicated the daily texts she was sending me and the rest is history.

Hundreds of student testimonials vouching for the effectiveness of this software have motivated me to improve it every day.

Charlie Levine

Over 6,000 Active Users Worldwide

“I want you guys to be used by everybody on campus! This is the best tool I have for organization for my classes! Getting a daily text with what is due every day saves me!” - Gabriella, UCF, Freshman

“I have seen a lot of improvement in my grades because Textmate keeps me organized" - Tiffany, FAU, Junior

“Simple but genius” - Alvin, UCF, Junior

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FAQ's coming soon!

What is Textmate?

Real simple: a texting service to remind you about those upcoming assignments and exams. We just wanna be your spotter, man. Better yet, connect us to your Canvas so you never miss another deadline.

Why Textmate ?

We love hearing back from our users. Not only does it allow us to better our services, but we hear stories constantly about how much its helped them succeed. With an aid on the skill of time management, it’s freed up a lot of time for students to explore opportunities and improve their grades. Check it out!:

Canvas approves Textmate?

Oh yeah. Our partners in crime really. Canvas allows us to help students stay atop their task by granting us access to their notification system. That way you never miss a due date- even with that professor that likes to assign surprise test.