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92% of surveyed students said MyTextMate kept them more organized.

88% of surveyed students said MyTextMate prevented them from missing a due date.

74% of surveyed students said MyTextMate reduced their stress.

57% of surveyed students said MyTextMate improved their grades.

97% of surveyed students said they prefer texts over emails and push notifications.

MyTextMate Text Message Reminder

Boost Student Success With Daily Text Messages

MyTextMate Text Message Reminder

MyTextMate encourages students to submit assignments and study for exams with highly customizable text message reminders.

Trusted by over


students at top universities

Made by a Student With ADHD

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MyTextMate Before (Stressed) After (Relaxed)

Transform Your School

Accessible Communication

97% of surveyed students prefer texts over emails and push notifications — it's the best way to engage them.

Convenient Information

MyTextMate allows students to choose when and how they get their information so it fits right into their daily routines.

Designed for Students

MyTextMate was made by a student to help others become more organized, successful, and stress-free.

Hear From the Students

This saved my GPA.


UCF Senior

I relied on these text messages more than my calendar.


FAU Senior

Thank you for your ingenious service! It helps me stay on track!


NSU Grad Student

MyTextMate helped me remember test dates but also homework assignments that would’ve otherwise gone unnoticed.


FAU High School Student

It has been a wonderfully responsible “friend” that keeps me updated on all my assignments. Thank you!


FGCU Student

Love it! So much more organized and less stressed!


NSU Junior

The texts are honestly grade-savers.


UCF Junior

With work and family, MyTextMate helps me stay on top of assignments without missing a beat.


NSU Grad Student

I haven’t needed to buy a planner or create a to-do list since joining MyTextMate!


UCF Sophomore

I love this program. I wish this was available when I first started college. It would have helped me so much.


FGCU Student

This service saved my grades! As someone with ADHD it was a huge help.


NSU Sophomore

I stopped procrastinating just to get that no assignments text.


FAU Freshman

It helps me prioritize my work, making school way less stressful.


FGCU Student

Helps keep me organized when I have a million things going on. Sooooo helpful.


FAU Grad Student

I love this app!! I don’t know what I would have done without it in undergrad and am now going to use it in grad school!


NSU Student

It made life easier.


FAU Junior

Saved my butt from failing.


NSU Senior

MyTextMate is very convenient. I no longer need to put assignments into a planner or check individual classes to see what assignments I have that day.


UCF Senior

I have ADHD. This has been a life saver, reminding me about everything that is due.


NSU Grad Student

MyTextMate saved me. I 100% love this service.


UCF Senior
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