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Drive Student Success.

Ineffective communication slows students down. MyTextMate's personalized text reminders for Canvas LMS empower educational institutions to accelerate students toward academic success.

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One-Time Setup,
Daily Communication.

MyTextMate makes coursework management simple. Once students add their due dates (from Canvas LMS or manually) and set their communication preferences, MyTextMate texts them every day to make sure they stay on track.

Process of signing up for MyTextMate: Connecting school, choosing communication preferences, getting text messages.

Key Benefits for Schools

Meet Students Where They Are— Their Cell Phones

Today's students ignore emails and push notifications and open 98% of their text messages. It's no wonder why MyTextMate has prevented 9/10 students from missing a due date.

Text messages being more effective than emails and push notifications.

Keep Students Up-to-Date Without Burdening Educators

Educators don't have time to remind students of assignment deadlines and exams. MyTextMate does it for them while personalizing each message to each student's unique schedule and individual needs.

Communication preferences being sorted into a text message.

Give Students an Academic Boost

Don't let students fall behind trying to juggle school, work, and their personal lives. Help them effortlessly meet their Canvas deadlines and other academic obligations so they can spend more time studying, learning, and enjoying life.

Canvas LMS and Extra Reminders being sorted into a text message.

See What Students Are Saying

"This service saved my grades! As someone with ADHD it was a huge help."

Sophomore @ NSU

"It has been a wonderfully responsible friend that keeps me updated on all of my assignments."

Student @ FGCU

"This saved my GPA."

Senior @ UCF


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