The Story of MyTextMate

Founder of MyTextMate

During my second year of college, I discovered that keeping up with my assignments had become unnecessarily time-consuming. I decided to put my Computer Science education to work and create a solution. I quickly began working on a program that would monitor my coursework and text me exactly what I needed to know every day, like my own personal academic assistant. Getting the texts became an incredible relief, and my academic performance began to skyrocket.

Getting my assignments and due dates texted to me every day was life-changing and the novelty never wore off. The daily messages significantly reduced my stress and the amount of last-minute and overlooked assignments and exams. I couldn’t wait to share my program with everyone I knew.

The outpouring of support was incredible, and I was deeply touched by the countless stories shared with me about the positive impact this program was having on students’ lives. As more people reached out, I realized that I wasn’t the only student searching for a better way to stay on top of assignments. Over the next two years, this program became MyTextMate, a patented software that simplifies students’ lives by helping them stay on schedule.

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